Message from the Chairman of Westmoreland County Rep. Committee

Overall, it was a great night in Westmoreland County. First of all, congratulationsto our new statewide Judges, Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon for Commonwealth CourtMary Murray, and our newest Supreme Court Justice, Sallie Mundy. Westmoreland County gave big, nearly Trump-esq margins to all three women to help put them over the top. I’m disappointed the four men running statewide didn’t make it, but given the complete wipe-out we’ve had in recent judicial elections in Pennsylvania, and the terrible results in other states from last night, we can be proud on what we achieved. Congratulations to Chairman Valentino DiGiorgio. He campaigned on making judges a top priority, and I’m certain we would not have won the races we won without that focus, especially that all important Supreme Court race.

At the County level the WCRC pulled out all the stops to win our local judge race.Congratulations to Jim Silvis for his commanding win. Congratulations also to Bryan Kline for his re-election, and my sincere thanks to Kim Krunszyinsky Horrelland F. Christopher O’Leath for taking on incumbents and giving it their best. It is VERY difficult to take out an incumbent, but it is so important that the voters have a choice. We came very close in the Prothonotary race, and next time, I think we’ll have it.

Finally, at the local level, it was a stellar night for the GOP. We won most of the contested races in this County, held onto our Republican seats in Hempfield, Murrysville, Penn, and Ligonier and many other places, and made inroads into Democratic areas. Of particular note was the fact that we picked up two council seats in our largest city, the City of Greensburg. Greensburg is poised to boom, but the Democratic stranglehold on that city has held it back for a generation. This is a first step to changing that. Thank you to Gregory Mertz Donnie Zappone, as well as our many many other victors last night across the County.

Again, thank you to the members of the Westmoreland County Republican Committee, and particularly to Kerry Jobe, who led our election effort this year. Nobody wins an election on their own. The above was ONLY achieved thanks to your hard work. I wish we had more time to celebrate, but with a special election in March, and our midterm elections next year just around the corner, we’re going to have to move quickly. But again….thank you. You have a lot to be proud of.


Michael T. Korns
Westmoreland County Republican Committee