About MERC

The below are the MERC Officers and Directors. All of these people serve voluntarily and are devoted to our mutual cause.


Tom Wubben – Chair –  tomwubben@murrysvillegop.org

Tom Bills – Vice Chair – tombills@murrysvillegop.org

Karen Bills – Secretary – karenbills@murrysvillegop.org

Larry Schultz  – Treasurer – larryschultz@murrysvillegop.org



OUTREACH COMMITTEE—Chairperson:  Larry Schultz.  We will be involved with the community and elected officials.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE — Chairperson: Tom Bills.  Outline our fundraisers for the year.  Actively recruit chairs for the different events.  Solicit donations from companies and individuals.

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE — Chairperson: Mike DaPos.  Write articles/press releases on events and meetings.  Develop stationary and business cards for members.  Take photographs at events.  Organize letters to the editors.  Manage website for the news on Murrysville and Republican issues. Develop welcome package materials. Develop banner for committee use at events.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE — Chairperson: Teresa Gildemeister. Recruit members from names collected at events and volunteer lists.   Provide welcome packet materials to members.  Recruit members to run as elected members.  

STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE — Chairperson: Larry Schultz.  Develop a best practice model for our committee.  Develop a long term plan for our committee with objectives/goals. Manage special projects.

CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE — Co-Chairs:  Karen Bills.  Establish poll worker schedules and coordinate door to door and phone bank efforts.  Organize and manage Victory Centers. Provide training for poll watchers. Develop MERC pass-out materials.

CANDIDATE COMMITTEE  — Chairperson position open.  Recruit candidates to run for local and state offices.  Establish positions on specific issues for MERC support.  Develop questions for candidates.  Establish an interviewing schedule for candidates and criteria for endorsements.

COMMUNITY DAY CHAIR — Chairperson: Jane Tower.  Secure booth rentals.  Send letters inviting candidates. Establish crafts for kids and food to be served.  Provide a volunteer schedule. Provide literature/signs on candidates.

LIAISON TO SCHOOL BOARD — Karen Bills.  Attends school board meetings or watches Channel 19 and keeps committee abreast of issues impacting the community.

LIAISON TO COUNCIL — Loren Kase.  Loren is a Council Member and has agreed to attend as many meetings as possible to keep members abreast of current issues impacting the community.


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